Contact Management Program

Do You Have Too Many Delinquent Small Balance Accounts?

Contact Management Program (CMP) is a service offered by Brown & Joseph, Ltd. that is designed to coincide with regular 3rd party collections for dollar amounts $750 and below.

The mission of CMP is to provide optimum level recovery for our clients on small balance accounts.

While most collection agencies cannot handle small balances effectively, Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is able to outperform competitor’s recovery rates with innovative cost effective solutions.

Contact Management Program includes:

   • 1-30 days: 1 letter with a minimum of 4 contact attempts (once a week)
   • 31-60 days: Minimum of 2 contact attempts (every 2 weeks)
   • 61-90 days: Minimum 1 contact attempt

Brown & Joseph Ltd.’s Contact Management Program provides:

   • Subject matter specialists
   • High call volume
   • Fast resolution

To learn more about recovering your small balance past due accounts, call us today.