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Commercial Collection Agency - Accounts Receivable Management

Who We Are

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. has represented companies nationally and internationally since 1996 and is a leader in the profession of Accounts Receivable Management (A.R.M). Brown & Joseph, Ltd. specializes in commercial collections.

In the beginning, the founders of Brown & Joseph assembled a group of subject matter experts with extensive expertise in Finance, Credit and Collections, Quality Process Control, IT and specific trade experiences in Insurance, Transportation, Utilities, Staffing, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results!

Since the beginning of accounts receivable collection, collection agencies and debt recovery law firms have approached collections in the same manner. Collection agencies send letters and make phone calls but cannot sue debtors. So when collection actions fail, they forward the cases to an attorney with the intent to file suit, which results in increased contingency fees and the addition of court costs.

In 1996, Brown & Joseph, Ltd. realized the economic environment was changing and debtors became more informed about circumventing the collection and legal process. With change, a new approach to accounts receivable recovery was needed. Industry experts were sought celeb news out, employed and given the task to create a new and innovative approach. An approach that would provide solutions to the age old methods employed by collection agencies and attorneys.

"The majority of our clients are looking for more efficient ways to save money as the US economy remains stagnate. We have, and always will, make it a priority to assist our clients in finding solutions to overcome the challenges they face as we develop new ways to help our client base lower their cost and improve efficiency with accounts receivable management," said Chris Cappuccilli, Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

Since the inception, we have grown globally and now provide international debt recovery to clients foreign and domestic.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver high quality, effective and innovative accounts receivable management solutions while providing our employees meaningful work in a healthy, exciting and productive environment. 

It is our mission to encourage openness, innovation, and growth for all employees and provide customer service second to none.  To achieve our mission we will maintain a profitable and successful company while acting in an ethically responsible manner.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the household name for the accounts receivable industry by providing innovative up to date accounts receivable collections and credit risk assessment processes in these economic changing times.

What We Offer

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. offers our clients a wide range of comprehensive accounts receivables management services custom designed to fit your needs with expertly trained, caring professionals dedicated to your specific industry commercial collection requirements. Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is an international commercial collection agency specializing in commercial collections.

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