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Litigation - Accounts Receivable Management

commercial collection certified

As a member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association section of  the Commercial Law League of America, Brown & Joseph maintains a national network of experienced litigation law firms. When a debt is not paid, our litigation department will review and recommend suit, when needed, based on factual commercial credit scores and the commercial credit risk analysis obtained in our initial phase.

The use of this B2B intelligence information and process greatly reduces the amount of non-profitable suits, judgments that cannot be enforced, litigation costs and costly judgment enforcements.

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The 5 important steps to a successful collection

•  Review every account that comes to litigation thoroughly to give client overview of debtor’s financials and litigation recommendation. Educate the client’s on court costs/countersuit/judgment collectability/litigation procedures.

•  Negotiate rates with attorney according to litigation rates paid by client so litigation remains profitable for B&J.

•  Follow up with attorneys on a regular basis and require regular updates/immediate suit filing/post judgment collections/payments.  

•  Aid clients in the pre-trial discovery preparations.(interrogatories/production of documentation/witnesses)

•  Perform second litigation review of debtor’s financials 60-90 days after judgment is received to evaluate if client should spend additional funds to collect on the judgment or close the file.

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